Northside Tower Office Features

Building Features

Building Size: Nine floors, 121,500 sq. ft. 
Covered Parking: Northside Tower enjoys a significant over supply of free parking, 70% of which is covered. Building elevators serve the parking deck. Parking ratio – 4.3 to 1.
Renovations: Major improvements have included new: lobby & hallway finishes, three modernized elevators, enhanced landscaped areas, energy management system, lighting fixtures, a revamped building entrance, upgraded restrooms and a fire sprinkling system.
Building Services: Full service leases include electricity for traditional office equipment, nightly janitorial service, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) & maintenance.
Life Safety: Smoke detectors, audible alarms, voice annunciation panels, strobe lights and an automatic fire sprinkling system are situated throughout the Building. The Building has two interior stairways.
Access: Entrance doors on the Building’s main floor and within the parking deck are electronically locked after business hours. Tenants have 24 hour access to the Building by means of proximity cards.
Food Service: Onsite food service for breakfast, lunch and catering is provided by the Sandy Springs Café which is wi-fi equipped.  38 other restaurants are located within walking distance (1/4 mile).

Management & Maintenance:

Property management and Maintenance staffs are onsite.
Banking: Signature Bank operates an onsite branch, ATM & a drive through facility.
Communications: Dual path fiber, T-1, DSL and Comcast broadband cable are available.
Security: Courtesy officers, access controls, video surveillance.

Parking Advantages

Northside Tower enjoys excellent parking facilities:

  • Quantity – There is an oversupply of parking spaces. The parking ratio is 4.3.
  • Access – Parking is accessible from Roswell Road and Boylston Drive.
  • Covered Parking – Most spaces are covered from rain and sun.

parking deck